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Incident Report - Resolved issue


Incident report

Systems affected
Citybreak Financials

07:30 – Incident started
08:08 – Issue is raised to showstopper, investigations begin
08:32 – First fix applied
09:22 – Second fix
09:23 – Issue resolved

Executive Summary
A malfunctioning server blocked access to an important database table and held the lock
forever preventing any request to succeed.

Description of the issue

A financial server went into a bad state and locked a critical resource. That prevented any
subsequent query to succeed. Rebooting the server to kill the misbehaving process
solved the issue.

This has resulted in that some bookings made during timeline above (from incident
start to issue resolved) has not been able to commit. For end customers that hasn’t
received their booking confirmation during timeline, no booking has been made
even though end customers payment cards been charged with reserved amount.
The reserved amount will be released 2-5 working days from time of booking
attempt. End customers without received booking confirmation will have to go
ahead and make a new booking.

Action taken
We will have a review of our callbacks to ensure we release locks everywhere.

Thibault Miclo
CTO, Visit Group

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