Service issues


The service issue has been resolved and the system should be fully operational.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Best regards,
Visit Group


We expect intermittent lags in the Citybreak Suite and BookVisit Suite Today.
Since the unplanned service disruption before the summer, we have been working hard on making sure that fail-overs are working in all parts of the system. During the investigations and fail-over tests we have identified imperfections in the network setup. We are now optimizing the network setup. We are not expecting any downtime, but it is likely that some operations sporadically will take longer than they normally do. We appreciate your patience with us during the improvement efforts.

Affected Services:

  • Citybreak Enterprise / Citybreak Admin (

  • Citybreak Enterprise / Citybreak Sales Agent (

  • Citybreak Enterprise / Citybreak Financials

Please look at for updates regarding the issue. You will receive a new e-mail when the issue is resolved.

Best regards,
Visit Group

3 Affected Services:

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