Citybreak Information System (CBIS)

Incident report - CBIS- 2023-08


Incident report

Systems affected

08-04 – Deploy of a brand new version of CBIS
08-09 – Reports of inconsistencies in distribution channels
08-15 – Most issues are fixed

Executive Summary
In preparation for a new database version, we upgraded CBIS to a new database driver, and removed an old library that Microsoft stopped maintaining.

Description of the issue
Part of the work included a lot of rewrites of how CBIS talks to the database, and some queries were missed in the testing stage even though this new version stayed in testing for more than 1 month.

The team continuously pushed updates until all reported bugs in CBIS had been closed.

Actions taken
This kind of update is only necessary after many years in production, the last major update to CBIS was in 2015. This will make sure CBIS can live on for many years to come. If we need to do another major rewrite, we will make sure to test many more scenarios that we encountered after this deploy.

Thibault Miclo

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